SOLD OUT 'Positive Reinforcements for Negative People' by Nick Roger Clarke

Sold out

Launch on Aug 24 6-9pm at Banalarama Studios. $20+postage here or $30 on the night.

A self-published, hard copy collection of 20+ pieces across 3 sections:
'Fictions' - 'Investigations' - 'Orations'

This is Nick's first book. His work has been published in Fairfax newspapers, arts journals and music magazines. He co-created Banalarama, Poncho TV and now produces and directs at Resolution Media.

Design by Zac Bradtke with assistance from Jono Colliver. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

Tokyo Songbird
Parking Cars with P!nk
Fondling my Phone
Kayley’s Korner
Appraising the Absent
Vitality Now
The New Home of The Mind
Old Porcelain Dinner Plates
Directing Corporate Voice Overs
A Germophobe At Work
In Conversation with John Waters
The Problem with ‘Creatives’ and Creativity
Triple J’s Homogenisation of Australian Music
Gang-Bashed by Bureaucrats
Outrage Syndrome
Mindlessness and The Deafening Noise of The Now
AFL and The Sports Bureaucrat
Another Debased Christmas
Armageddon’s Surrealists: Finding Purpose in a Dark New Canvas